Download and Install the Software

Then just run in DEMO mode to see how the entire system works

Click Here to Download the X Series Software
Then Install the Software
After installation is complete just open the software
You will be asked if you want to run in demo mode - click yes
Now you are in demo mode!
Select which base you want to demo
Add cameras and the software will automatically simulate pictures transmitting

Excellent Way to Train!

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About Us

Long Range Wireless Unmanned Cameras and Sensors

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Why Choose Us?

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What CAN Buckeye cam systems do?

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BuckEye Cam
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AI Image Recognition System
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BuckEyeCam SBA
  • Turn Key Remote Portable Unmanned Wireless Surveillance
  • Control Hundreds of Devices from a Single Location
  • Complete Control Room Server Systems Are Available
  • Built In AI Intelligent Image Recognition System
  • Automated Notification and Remote Control Access
  • 25 to 30 Mile Transmission Range (single hop)
  • Built In Repeater Function In Every Device
  • Integration with a wide array of sensor and detectors
  • Quick Deployment and Recovery
  • Custom Engineering to Meet Demand

Now with Built in AI Image Recognition!

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buckeye cam GSA contract

GSA Contract GS07F0458V

Wireless is our business....

We deployed our first long range BuckEye Cam wireless camera system in 2003 and have been engineering and designing our systems ever since. We design and manufacture our entire BuckEye Cam product line in Athens Ohio USA. So when you contact us you are speaking directly with people who know exactly how the systems operate.

Have a special need or project?
We can most certainly help design and manufacture a turn key system for you.

Unmanned Long Range Wireless Solutions for Remote and Urban Environments NOW With IMAGE recognition!


Our long range unmanned wireless systems are currently deployed globally and utilized by most Customs Protection and Border Enforcement Teams, Department of Defense, Wildlife Officers, Military as well as Anti Poaching Task Forces and Researchers world wide.

Our Buckeye Cam wireless cameras and sensors are designed for long or short term remote monitoring, rescue beacons, illegal border activity and border security.  

Our systems have built in AI and Image Recognition System - Intelligent Designs Automate the entire system so you can see what you want to see and not what you don't!