Part: 001-0034

For Cameras/Echos

12V 11.25 Watt Solar

​X80 Series

Part: 6160

X80 Activator Kit

Part: 001-0008
For  Cameras/Echos

12V 9aH SLA Rechargeable Battery

Part: 109-0065

22" YAGI Antenna

Part: 109-0074 

Cellbase Cellular Omni Antenna

Part: 6140

X80 Echo Kit


Contact Sales 866-325-8172 Ext 1211 for more information

Part: 6100-3

X80 PC Base Kit

Part: 6170-RNB

X80 Series Rack Mount NetBase Kit

US Border Patrol Wireless

Part: 109-0075

Cellbase Cellular YAGI Antenna

Contact 866-325-8172 Ext 1211 for more information


BuckEye Cam X series wireless products are compatible with most unattended ground sensors such as Vortex seismic sensors.

We can custom engineer a complete system for your operation including training, setup and support.

Part: 6170-3-MS1

X80 Series CellBase Kit

Buckeye Cam operator manual instructions

Part: 6200-2

X80 Wireless Camera Kit

Part: 109-0086

Band-Pass Filter

Filter out interference 

Part: 109-0032

22" Omni Antenna

Part: 109-0015

64" Pro Series

Omni Antenna

  • Built in AI Image Recognition
  • Wireless Infrared Rugged Camera Sensor System
  • Integrates Easily with Other Manufacturers Existing Sensors  
  • Centralized Control System 
  • 25-40 Mile Transmission Range (Single Hop) 
  • Built In Repeater Function on Every Device
  • Certified and Approved AES Encryption
  • Thousands Deployed Worldwide

Part: 001-0007

​For Cellbase/Boosters

12V 75aH SLA Rechargeable Battery

Part: 001-0035

For Cellbase/Boosters

12V 50 Watt Solar

​X80 Series

Part: BMS-6200

Complete Network Server
​Base Management System

New Products!

MOQ required to purchase
Custom BuckEye Cam products and modifications can be

added to any existing X80 Wireless Networks

Part: 109-0066

56" YAGI Antenna

Part: 090-0029

Ruggedized Handheld with Bluetooth Interface