Wireless PC Base
X Series wireless activator

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X Series wireless network

Contact Sales 866-325-8172 Ext 1204 for more information

Cellbase Buckeye
X Series Netbase

BuckEye Cam Wireless SOLUTIONS

  • Built in AI Image Recognition 
  • Wireless Infrared Unmanned Rugged Camera Sensor System
  • Wireless Unmanned Sensors
  • Wireless Unmanned Controllers and Activators
  • Signal Repeaters and External Triggering Available
  • BuckEye Cam Integrated Network Manager Software
  • 25-30 Mile Transmission Range
  • Deployed world wide for border and perimeter security
  • Customization and Engineering Available
wireless repeater
US Border Patrol cellular

BuckEye Cam X series wireless products are compatible with most unattended ground sensors such as Vortex seismic sensors.

We can custom engineer a complete system for your operation including training, setup and support.

Buckeye Cam operator manual instructions

New Products!

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Custom BuckEye Cam products and modifications can be

added to any existing X80 Wireless Networks